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Dinky Toy - 735 Gloster Javelin Jet Fighter Meccano


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Fresh from England vintage Dinky Toy - 735 Gloster Javelin jet fighter aircraft made from 1956 to 1966 by Meccano LTD England. Dinky toys are some of the most collectible diecasts in the world and command premium prices at auctions. 

Dinky Toys were in business from 1933 and ceased production as the British branch in 1963 when it was bought by Tri-Ang and production came from Hong Kong. Dinky also had a French production arm which continued until 1972 and the Spanish production arm ceased in around 1980 when the brand transferred around to different companies.


  • Makers mark - Dinky Toys
  • Type - diecast
  • Genre - military
  • Condition - C9

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